“Amet amet eget scelerisque tellus sit neque faucibus non eleifend. Integer eu praesent at a. Ornare arcu gravida natoque erat et cursus tortor.”

Abbas Kazi, co-founder at Novel Technologies Ltd

About Novel

Elevating professional narratives.

At Novel, we believe in empowering the individual in a challenging and competitive employment landscape.

Novel was first envisioned as a video resume platform. Video is both the centerpiece and a microcosm of our overall mission — making you visible in a truly engaging way and helping people see what makes you unique. With decades of industry experience on our side, and a passionate commitment towards the individual, we've built Novel, a platform purpose-built to rebalance the scales in your favour.

Novel is built around the idea of bringing out your professional story, and is intended to help you write the next chapter — the best one yet.

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